"You can perform with him forever" - John Cena praises 4-time WWE World Champion

“You can perform with him forever” – John Cena praises 4-time WWE World Champion

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John Cena found it “easy” to work with Shawn Michaels and wishes he could compete in matches against the WWE legend forever.

In April 2007, Cena defeated Michaels in the main event of WrestleMania 23 to retain the WWE Championship. Later that month, Michaels scored a victory over Cena in a 56-minute match, which is widely regarded as one of the best in RAW history.

Speaking on WWE Network show Ruthless Aggression, Cena praised The Heartbreak Kid’s abilities as an in-ring performer:

“I can’t put into context how easy it is to work with Shawn Michaels. His timing is better than perfect. He is confident in the things that he can do well, and he studies who he’s working with and showcases the things that they can do well. You can perform with him forever,” he said.

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John Cena and Shawn Michaels held the WWE World Tag Team Championships at the time of their WrestleMania 23 match. Their 63-day reign was ended by The Hardy Boyz in a Battle Royal on the post-WrestleMania episode of RAW.

John Cena learned a lot from Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is considered by many to be among the greatest WWE in-ring talents of all time.

John Cena was one of the company’s top stars during his WWE Championship feud with Michaels in 2007. However, he allowed his more experienced opponent to take the lead in their matches.

“What was magical about that was be humble enough to be led, never feel ashamed that you’re in the ring with a more experienced performer, and trust the process,” Cena said.

Excluding the 2010 Royal Rumble, John Cena and Shawn Michaels’ final match against each other came at Survivor Series 2009. Cena defeated both Michaels and Triple H in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Championship.

Please credit Ruthless Aggression and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.


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