"You can ask Kurt Angle that" – former WWE Superstar details backstage politics that split Team Angle

“You can ask Kurt Angle that” – former WWE Superstar details backstage politics that split Team Angle

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Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas spoke about Team Angle splitting up too soon.

Charlie Haas appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet to speak about his wrestling career and stint with WWE back in the day.

Haas spoke about Team Angle, a faction led by Kurt Angle and comprising himself and Shelton Benjamin. Haas said Team Angle was getting great reactions on SmackDown and even bettered Evolution during mixed pay-per-views. Haas suggested there was backstage politics involved because WWE split up Team Angle while Evolution continued as a stable on RAW:

“It should have been longer. What people don’t understand is, at the time, we were getting hot on Team Angle (on SmackDown). Who was getting hot on RAW? That was Evolution. But when they have 4 guys and you have 3, when they do the mixed pay-per-views, we are starting to get a better reaction than them. I don’t care what they say, you can ask Kurt Angle that, Shelton may not say because he is with WWE now, but we were getting a better reaction than they were. I think that had a lot to do with, ‘okay it’s time to split them’ because they kept Evolution going. That’s just the way it is.”

@CharlieHaas Miss seeing you in the ring back in the good old days as Team Angle https://t.co/RHPjYr1PpR

Charlie Haas admitted having difficulty finding his WWE character after the split

My convo with @CharlieHaas is up now! 💪

He talks about his new look, being part of Team Angle with @RealKurtAngle & @Sheltyb803, returning to wrestling, his amateur background and much more!

Watch/listen here:
podcast.chrisvanvliet.com/charlie-haas-o… https://t.co/aqmLYT5A9x

During the interview, Charlie Haas mentioned he had a hard time finding a new character after splitting from Team Angle:

“I’ll be honest with you man, I was lost. I was always a tag team wrestler, I was never a singles wrestler. Then all of a sudden, who is Charlie Haas?”

Haas mentioned that he had always been a tag team wrestler and breaking out as a singles superstar in a studded roster was hard for him.


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