Xavier Woods not cleared to wrestle. Hopefully back by Royal Rumble.

Xavier Woods not cleared to wrestle

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Xavier Woods is not cleared to wrestle, as reported by PWInsider. He is apparently out for the time being. There is hope he’ll be cleared by Royal Rumble. Woods was injured roughly this time last year, but that was for a much longer term than this is.

This is what PWInsider said. “PWInsider.com is told Xavier Woods is banged up and not yet 100% cleared, which is why New Day hasn’t been seen more inside the ring. The expectation internally is that he should be good to go by Royal Rumble, if not sooner.”

His last match was a house show on December 27th, but it was a six-man match. His last televised match was on December 14th. As of right now, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are the NXT Tag Team Champions. It’s possible they could defend at New Year’s Evil and they are just holding him back to make sure he’s ok. If not, there are other NXT events where Xavier could wrestle.

New Day has not had a great time in the last 13 months or so. Xavier Woods was injured this time last year. Kofi Kingston botched his Royal Rumble spot. They lost the titles on literal day 1 of 2022. Big E broke his neck on SmackDown, just months after losing the WWE title. Until Triple H took over, they were getting utterly destroyed by the competition.

We certainly hope that 2023 proves to be better for Xavier Woods and the New Day. What do you think? Are you hoping they have a better 2023?

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