Wyatt Family Member Did Not Want To Join AEWs “Dark Order”

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During a recent appearance on NBC Sports Boston’s “The Ten Count” podcast, former WWE Superstar Erick Redbeard commented on being part of the Brodie Lee tribute show in AEW, why he hasn’t signed with All Elite Wrestling, and more.

On being part of the Brodie Lee tribute show: “So you’ve got to remember , this is like — everything was still basically on lockdown. There’s no public funerals, no one’s getting together. And this is the time when we needed each other. People need to be around those that they love and those that are in their life. And I think me especially, [I] had been released and [was] doing other things, but still not being around the people that I had spent so much time with for so many years. For something like this to happen and to be around those people? It was very emotional. And to see how emotional everybody was there, it just made it I don’t know, very therapeutic in a way. But like like you said, it it was a tough night for for everybody.”

On not signing with AEW: “It was never a conversation. I was doing and pursuing my own things and I don’t know, it was never a thing. And at that time especially, I didn’t want to be that guy that distracts and always made you remind people of a loss, especially that quickly.”

On not being part of the Dark Order: “I wanted nothing to do with it. And that’s nothing to say that like I’m better or [anything], no. What I’m saying is, I didn’t want nothing to do with it because that’s his legacy. If it’s gonna fizzle out, I want to fizzle out. But he made it and created that in such a quick amount of time that that he had left that, I want that to be the memory of him. His TNT Championship, his dog collar matches. I want that all to be held up here, and I want nothing to do with that. So even if there was a conversation, I wouldn’t have seen myself having a spot there [in AEW].”


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