Vince McMahon

WWE stars reportedly uneasy over Vince McMahon’s return

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Vince McMahon’s forced comeback to WWE has left the industry shocked, not least the same performers who were glad to see his back when he initially retired in disgrace. it has now been revealed that morale among the company’s superstars is not in the best of health following the septuagenarian’s return to the company last week.’s Mike Johnson has disclosed that there is “far more of a worry and a feeling of unease” among WWE talent now that McMahon is back than there was when he stepped away in July. The fact that he was replaced by Triple H as head of creative and Stephanie McMahon as chairwoman and co-CEO was a big positive back then.

That Vince was able to force his way back despite multiple reports of sexual misconduct and payments of hush money that led to his exit is even more concerning. He also got unanimously voted in as chairman of the board on Tuesday, soon after Stephanie resigned, leaving Nick Khan as the sole CEO.

Coming back to talents and their worries, Fightful Select (h/t H Jenkins) had reported that many WWE superstars were confused over what the changes to the organization would mean for them. There’s a lot at stake right now, and much clarification is needed for all parties, so stay tuned for further updates about this situation.

Vince McMahon’s comeback is not good for WWE, their fans or the industry.


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