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WWE Stars Ready To Quit With Vince Back In Charge – Major Reports About Last Minute Raw Changes By Vince

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WWE fans were in for a surprise when it was revealed that Vince McMahon was back in control of WWE creative. The news came as a shock to many, especially since Triple H was in charge of creative in Vince’s absence. However, it appears that the constant changes and unpredictable booking from Mr. McMahon isn’t winning anyone over, including the WWE Superstars.

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Recently, it was revealed that Bayley was scheduled to accompany Damage CTRL on RAW, but was cut from the show at the last minute. The news was a surprise to many, as the company had been promoting her appearance throughout the day. Sean Sapp from Fightful’s paywall reported that there were big changes made on short notice between the 6 PM EST talent meeting and the show itself. Originally, there were supposed to be two triple threat women’s matches that would serve as a tourney for a Raw Women’s Title shot. However, the women’s segments were cut and a tag team title contender match was booked instead.

Bayley was scheduled to be ringside, but was also cut at the last minute. The sudden change in plans left many women on the roster feeling frustrated and demoralized. This was the biggest hit to morale since Vince McMahon left his spot last year, and probably the lowest point of morale in totality since pre-WrestleMania in 2022 when it reached near all-time lows. The fact that the truth was concealed came as a severe blow to morale, as people were led to believe that the opposite would go down. Now they are faced with a brand-new reality within WWE.

The situation with Bayley is not the only last-minute change that was made. According to Sean Sapp, Vince McMahon added Omos and Elias’ match on RAW at the last minute. Omos was in catering at the time, and he wasn’t prepared to wrestle at all. That is when the Nigerian Giant had to scramble and find something to wrestle in.

This sudden change in plans has left many wrestlers exploring their options in the event that Vince McMahon continues to be involved in creative. Fightful heard from at least two talent, including one near the top of the card that said they’ll likely request their releases if this is a trend moving forward, and another that said they’ll just ride out their deal. This news is alarming for WWE, as it could lead to a mass exodus of talent if the situation doesn’t improve.

It’s clear that the sudden changes made by Vince McMahon are not winning over the WWE Superstars. Many of them were happy under Triple H’s leadership and felt that they could be successful, smooth, and happy. However, with Mr. McMahon back in control, the situation has changed dramatically. It remains to be seen how WWE will handle this situation and whether they can keep their talent happy and motivated under the current circumstances.


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