Emma WWE

WWE Star Emma Drops New Video Showing Off Her Body And Highlights

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In her second outing, Emma hopes to solidify her position as one of the top WWE female superstars. Her revival and determination to conquer the women’s division are blatant signs of her ambitions. She recently created a movie that featured milestone and jaw-dropping experiences from her entire year.

In March 2022, Emma and Madison Rayne won the Knockouts Tag Team titles, solidifying their position as a mainstay for IMPACT Wrestling. In addition, she found love with SmackDown star Madcap Moss and furthered her already toned physique. She also starred in her debut film.

Her biggest accomplishment was returning to WWE in October 2022 under Triple H’s creative direction. Emma made the decision to upload a video to Instagram as a look back at her fruitful year. She put up a compilation of her several breathtaking films and other events to mark the end of the year 2022.



Is WWE star Emma ready to be a major player on Smackdown?


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