WWE Raw Bloodline ceremony replaced

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WWE has changed major plans for The Bloodline ahead of the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. The company confirmed the same on Saturday, noting a tribunal court for “the Trial of Sami Zayn” will take place during Raw is XXX.

This episode, lest we forget, is WWE Raw’s 30th-anniversary show, so it holds special value in terms of the presentation and plans made by the promotion.

It was PWInsider who had earlier on Saturday that plans for The Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony featuring members of the Anoa’i family had been dropped.

With Kevin Owens ruining the contract signing with Roman Reigns by jumping The Bloodline and attacking the Head of the Table, Zayn has seen his relationship with Reigns, which was already on a knife’s edge during the show leading up to the main event, deteriorate even further.

It remains to be seen what happens on Raw, but this slow bring of a story has been one of the best WWE has put out in years.


More WWE Raw Changes


With a potential sale hanging over its head, WWE has undergone a lot of changes, the most significant of which was Vince McMahon’s return as the executive chairman.

The company is also going through a major reshuffle in its management, with lots of people again being let go, including Adam Hopkins and Stefanie Fiondella earlier this week.

And it looks like this cutting of office names is nowhere close to being finished. Fightful has reported that WWE is letting go of even more personnel as we speak, although there’s no word yet on who is being relieved from what department.

Vince McMahon nearly fired a writer over forgetting to knock
Vince McMahon has come back to WWE with a vengeance

One thing that is to be noted is that these cuts are not totally unexpected, as there is a belief that more cuts will be coming before WWE gets sold. There is a feeling within the company that management wants to sell before the next round of TV/media rights negotiations.

This raises a lot of questions about another round of mass talent releases coming in the near future. Nothing has been hinted at so far, but anything is possible until a full sale happens or the media rights issue is sorted out.


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