WWE Raw MLS will continue with crossovers

WWE Raw Announcers Lands Major MLS Gig

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WWE RAW announcer Kevin Patrick (Kevin Egan) has joined MLS Major League Soccer.

Apple and MLS announced today that 31 new on-air personalities have joined the MLS Season Pass Broadcast Team which includes Patrick The press release read, “Kevin Egan, originally from Dublin, Ireland, has spent the last 10 seasons broadcasting MLS matches on television with both the Chicago Fire and Atlanta United.

During this time Egan also acted as a play-by-play commentator and studio host for beIN Sports, Turner Sports, ESPN and CNN International.” There was no mention of WWE.

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Patrick was promoted to WWE RAW commentary team in October 2022 before today’s MLS announcement.


WWE raw kevin patrick

Who is Kevin Patrick?

Kevin Patrick is a well-known commentator in the professional wrestling industry. He has been a part of numerous wrestling promotions and events and has earned a reputation for his in-depth analysis, insightful commentary, and unique perspective on the sport.

Kevin’s journey in the wrestling world began as a fan and he quickly developed a passion for the sport. He honed his skills by writing articles and recording podcasts, which caught the attention of several wrestling organizations. Over the years, Kevin has worked for various promotions and has become one of the most respected commentators in the industry.

One of Kevin’s greatest strengths is his ability to bring the action in the ring to life for viewers. He provides a clear and concise analysis of each match, highlighting the key moments and providing insights into the strategy of each wrestler. He is also known for his quick wit and ability to add humor to the commentary, making the viewing experience even more enjoyable for fans.

Aside from his work as a commentator, Kevin is also a talented interviewer. He has conducted countless interviews with wrestlers, managers, and other industry professionals, gaining a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the sport. This has made him a valuable resource for fans, who often turn to him for his expert analysis and opinions.

In recent years, Kevin has become an important figure in the wrestling community, and his influence extends far beyond just his role as a commentator. He is a sought-after speaker, appearing at conventions and events to discuss the latest developments in the industry and share his insights and experiences. He is also an active member of the wrestling community, participating in forums and discussions with fans and fellow industry professionals.

In conclusion, Kevin Patrick is a respected and beloved figure in the professional wrestling community, known for his expert analysis, entertaining commentary, and passion for the sport. He is an important voice in the industry and has made a lasting impact on the wrestling world.

Will WWE Raws Kevin Patrick continue to work with the promotion after signing MLS deal?


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