WWE RAW - 5 Possible surprises - Surprising new look for Randy Orton, Edge's next dominant opponent appears, End of 2 tag teams

WWE RAW – 5 Possible surprises – Surprising new look for Randy Orton, Edge’s next dominant opponent appears, End of 2 tag teams

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Nobody expects WWE RAW this week to be anything special. This is a problem in itself because it indicates that the show is not the same must-see program many of us grew up with.

Of course, we cannot compare the era of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the age of the golden egg at all. That said, WWE RAW still needs to remind the viewer that it’s a thriving, exciting, and compelling show after so many years on the air. It’s not the husk, the corpse of a once-great show anymore.

The best means to this end would be through a whole bunch of compelling surprises. WWE RAW needs to become that living, breathing force of nature that dominated television programming in the 90s.

With that in mind, here are five surprises we could potentially see on the red brand this week. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the space below.

And hey, if you have a few surprises in mind, do not hesitate to share them with the world.

#5 Randy Orton shows up to WWE RAW with a brand new look

When Randy Orton finally turns on Riddle it’s going to be fantastic.



Everyone on the internet believes that Randy Orton will turn on Riddle someday. But until it happens, we’re going to see some hilarious WWE RAW segments. Last week, Riddle impersonated Orton, so why can’t The Viper do the same this week?

Randy Orton went from coughing up black goo to teaming with Riddle who has birds fly from his feet.

Not sure which one is weirder.

#SurvivorSeries #RawVsSmackdown https://t.co/1jw6R6PdMk

Imagine he showing up to WWE RAW, riding a scooter and saying ‘bro’. It’s viral content, exactly in the vein that the company likes. Plus, it’ll help freshen up Randy Orton’s character by showing his comedic chops.

The WWE RAW and SmackDown Tag Team divisions need some life inserted into them. Laughter is always the best medicine. Would you like to see it happen this week?

#4 Edge and Bobby Lashley come face to face

It’s been 11 years, 2 months and 22 days since @EdgeRatedR wrestled at Madison Square Garden. 4101 days.

Welcome back.

#WWEMSG #SmackDown https://t.co/FvDZtj6y7s

A battle of the spears on WWE RAW. No it’s not Shawn vs. Britney, but instead, a showdown between Edge and Bobby Lashley.

We know that The Rated-R Superstar is scheduled to be on WWE RAW this week, and there’s no reason why MVP and Lashley cannot confront him. Both names are big-time draws and a clash between these two forces of nature would certainly sell many a ticket.

#3 AJ Styles and Omos officially end their WWE RAW alliance

NOBODY is safe from @TheGiantOmos and this path of destruction on #WWERaw! https://t.co/w0yaw07qWZ

Based on the events of Survivor Series 2021, where AJ Styles was eliminated despite Omos’ presence, we could see a breakup angle! On WWE RAW this week, there’s every chance that Styles could find a new colossus to be by his side, someone like T-Bar.

Omos is clearly ready to branch off and do his own thing at this stage. AJ Styles has been constrained in a tag team environment for far too long as well. It may be time for both men to go their separate ways moving forward.

#2 Rhea Ripley dumps Nikki A.S.H.

Two new champions were crowned on WWE RAW last week (more if you count the 24/7 Championship picture, but who really does?). Their names are Carmella and Queen Zelina.

This means that the partnership of convenience between Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. can officially end now, allowing both women to go their separate ways. If there’s a breakup segment, so to speak, on WWE RAW, it allows Ripley to be a future challenger for Becky Lynch down the line.

#1 Otis makes an offer to WWE RAW and SmackDown authority figure, Adam Pearce

.@ScrapDaddyAP says he’d be “shocked” if @BrockLesnar‘s indefinite suspension is lifted any time soon.

#SmackDown @KaylaBraxtonWWE https://t.co/D9xtc85kfV

When there’s a beast on your trail, you do everything in your power to keep him at bay. Could WWE RAW stars Otis and Chad Gable from The Alpha Academy offer to be Adam Pearce’s muscle?

Yes, it would dilute the brand split in a sense, but it makes sense from a storyline perspective. Why wouldn’t you want a technical genius and a legitimate powerhouse to keep Brock Lesnar away? And to be honest, sword-swinging Drew McIntyre too.


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