Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose has more potential than posting TikTok photos

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Mandy Rose had an exceptional run in WWE NXT before she was released last month for posting explicit content on her FanTime page. Her loss to Roxanne Perez just 24 hours before her firing marked the end of her 413-day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion.

Rose’s future in pro wrestling looked bright as she had achieved so much in NXT itself. A main roster call-up might have been not far away but her WWE career was cut short due to the breach of contract. Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T explained Mandy Rose is capable of doing much more than posting TikTok photos.

“I feel like Mandy Rose’s talent was so much more than her beauty. I really do. I think she has so much more potential and so, I mean, hights to reach that would’ve been unbelievable, you know, if she had used that machine and that market properly. So, yeah, I think it was a wrong decision but her making money, you know, I ain’t mad at nobody making money. I congratulate her on making money. But I just think, man, she’s young and she had so much so much raw potential than TikTok photos,” he explained.


Mandy Rose potential

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose made headlines in December last year as she was released by the company for posting explicit content on her FanTime Page and now Booker T has commented.    It was a breach of her contract with WWE and she was made to lose her NXT gold to Roxanne Perez 24 hours before her firing.

A few days ago, FanTime congratulated the former NXT Champion for making a million dollars in December. However, WWE legend Booker T spoke on his Hall of Fame podcast and highlighted that Mandy was wrong to go that route despite the money factor attached to it.

“Million dollars is a lot of money. But, like I say, a million dollars ain’t gonna take care of you for a solid year if you’re living large. Not one year a million dollars is not going to take care of you if you’re living large. If you got one of these nice rides, a nice home, and all that stuff. A million dollars, I say congratulations first of all, but the question was, ‘do I think she made the right or the wrong decision?’ The decision to actually go that route. I think it was the wrong decision and I stand by that,” he said

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