Triple H makes major change to WWE writing team

WWE hires Marvel Writer to be creative director

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WWE has hired Rob Fee as “Director of Long-term Creative.” This position could mean many things. One aspect is that it could be what might be called a “Lore Master” in some fandoms. Groups like MCU have writers specifically paid to keep all the crazy continuity straight.

This suggests that Triple H is doubling down on his desire for WWE to be more consistent from week to week. One criticism of the Vince McMahon era of wrestling, especially in recent years is that WWE seemed to forget anything more than a few months old.

Rob Fee has a long history of writing under his belt. He’s worked on the Ellen Degeneres show, the IGN show, and others. His writing credits suggest that he’s very much dialed into what today’s fans might be more interested in.

Fightful Select reports that he’s a long-time wrestling fan. WWE has had a history of hiring writers who were not such. Triple H appears to be changing that policy as well.

The new "Creative Long-Term Director." Rob Fee.
The new “Creative Long-Term Director.” Rob Fee.

Finally, Rob Fee has also penned several comic books including Spider-Man. Rob Fee might be a breath of fresh air from those Soap Opera writers that WWE has tended to hire in the past.

One must  wonder what changes Triple H will bring next?

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