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WWE Held Urgent Staff “Ra Ra” Meeting Before Raw – FULL DETAILS

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Yesterday was a very busy day for WWE and early yesterday morning WWE called an all-employees meeting to discuss the company’s current state and future plans.

The meeting kicked off with Nick Khan, Frank Riddick, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque on the phone, the meeting covered various topics, including the WrestleMania 39 business numbers and the upcoming merger with UFC.   The report was brought out to the media by Brandon Thurston of the trusted site Wrestlenomics

The team emphasized that Endeavor would not interfere with creative or production, and the focus was on business as usual until the sale is completed legally later this year. The company is currently preparing its SEC and regulatory filings.

During the meeting, Nick Khan thanked Triple H for his involvement and also acknowledged Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, who was not in attendance. Khan noted that the company is putting together a transition team to assist with Endeavor taking over.

The WWE and Endeavor merger will form a new publicly listed global sports and entertainment company, with Endeavor CEO Ariel Emanuel leading the new entity.  The staff were informed that Vince McMahon will stay on as Executive Chairman, and the new WWE President will be recent Vince hiring – Nick Khan The report stated that Dana White will remain in his role as UFC President.

In an update, current WWE CEO Khan hosted the meeting along with WWE CFO Frank Riddick and WWE Chief Human Resources Officer Suzette Ramirez-Carr. WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H joined the meeting by telephone. Khan opened the meeting by reading an e-mail from McMahon, which detailed the WWE Board of Directors’ unanimous vote to approve the transaction this past weekend. Riddick said the deal is signed and they are preparing the SEC and regulatory filings. He believes the deal will officially close by the end of this year, if not before.

Triple H thanked all of WWE’s employees for their dedication and passion for the company, leading them to this moment where they are now. He also praised Endeavor as a company, pointing out that they did not interfere with the UFC’s day-to-day business and operations when they acquired that company. Similarly, they will not be involved in the WWE creative process, with talents or production. Triple H reiterated that it’s “business as usual” going forward and that he could not be more excited about this move, which he sees as a positive one for everyone involved and WWE as a whole.

The meeting was described as very much of a “rah rah” speech for the most part, with officials praising this as a major positive for the entire company. Although Vince McMahon was mentioned a few times, including when they listed who would be in control, no specifics about his role were provided to talent. Furthermore, no questions were taken at the meeting.

In conclusion, WWE’s all-employees meeting was a positive one, highlighting the upcoming merger with UFC and the role Endeavor will play in the future of the company. The transition team being assembled will assist with the transition to Endeavor’s takeover, ensuring that it is a smooth and seamless process. The future looks bright for WWE, with exciting opportunities on the horizon for fans and employees alike.


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