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WWE Has Changed The Rules For Their Drug Test Failures – Wellness Policy (REPORT)

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WWE has reportedly made a big change to its wellness policy.

The WWE wellness policy had traditionally worked on a three strikes and you’re out basis. The first suspension lasts for 30 days and the second one lasts for 60 days, and both times the wrestler loses their paycheck for that they take time out to address their issues. The third violation acts like the final straw and the wrestler would ultimately be fired from the company.

WWE Welness
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If the rumor is accurate, it would violate WWE’s established drug testing policy, according to which all failed drug tests must be publicly disclosed and a first offense should result in a 30-day ban. Riddle was not and has not been missing for that time period.

Riddle missed less than 30 days of wrestling between July 25 and May 20, Meltzer said.

The second offense should result in a 60-day ban plus required therapy, as per the policy. But WWE only revealed on television that Riddle would miss six weeks of work due to the “attack”—six weeks is less than 60 days.

If the person or the business decides to do so, someone may be sent to treatment after a first violation.

Meltzer, however, remarked that “either WWE has modified its stance in secret or something doesn’t add up.”

WWE Wellness Update

On the Wrestling Observer forum, one of the members noted that Matt Riddle will be fired upon his next suspension from the company, as he has failed two previous drug tests. In response, Dave Meltzer replied:

“They’ve changed that rule. It’s because a couple of key people have had two suspensions and we’re in a wrestling war. Plus somebody with two could intentionally fail a test to get out of their contract.”



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