Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon return won’t affect daily WWE operations

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Vince McMahon has plotted quite the sensational return to WWE over the past two days, leaving most of the pro wrestling world displeased. On Friday, as news filtered out that the former chairman was returning to the company’s board of directors, an employee meeting was held.

Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon, and company CFO & CAO Frank Riddick led the ten-minute meeting on Zoom, although talent was not part of the call. Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Bryan Alvarez also disclosed that employees were told that no changes would be made to the company’s day-to-day operations.

He wrote:

Reports on reliable sites like FightfulSelect and PWInsider noted that Vince’s return to the WWE board of directors was announced officially at the meeting. Additionally, the employees were informed that there will be no changes to the management team or their responsibilities, including to the positions held by Paul Levesque,  aka Triple H, Stephanie, and Khan.

Stars unhappy at the return of Vince McMahon

WWE Stars are reported to not be happy and could leave the promotion in droves as a result of Vince McMahon’s return to WWE.

An SEC filing today verified that McMahon is back on the board of directors after a press release distributed yesterday confirmed rumors that he wanted to return.

Prior to today’s news, sources within WWE told Pwinsider that morale had greatly increased as a result of McMahon’s retirement.

According to one source, some have threatened to quit WWE if McMahon returns, although they might not follow through on this threat.

“Lots of trepidation for sure. We’ve heard from some who have said if he’s back, they want out, but whether that actually happens remains to be seen.”

What do you feel about the return of Vince McMahon to the WWE?  Is it good for business or will it be the end of the great juggernaught we once loved?


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