WWE Champion Big E comments on AEW fan reactions and how they inspire him

WWE Champion Big E comments on AEW fan reactions and how they inspire him

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Big E is up for the AEW challenge!
Big E is up for the AEW challenge!

WWE Champion Big E was impressed by the passion of AEW fans and wants to see WWE step up its game to keep up with the competition.

WWE has alienated hardcore fans with their PG product and sub-par wrestling. With the advent of AEW, said fans have found a new home, and their loyalty is on display every time a new episode of Dynamite or Rampage airs. Even the lower card stars get loud reactions, a testament to AEW’s growth.

Big E recently appeared on The Illuminerdi, where he talked about the landscape of wrestling in 2021 and how AEW fans should inspire WWE:

“I know, from a fan perspective, a lot of people would prefer that I come in here and trash talk everyone in AEW and stir the pot. But that’s not my style.”

“I think it forces us to raise our game.“If you watch their shows, and you see rabid fans losing their minds and people loving those shows. It should make us want to say, ‘Yo! We want to be dominating them. We want to step our game up. We want to put on the better show.’” (H/T- wrestlinginc)

Big E believes opening the Forbidden Door between AEW and WWE would be incredible

While the competition between the two companies might bring out the best in each other, Big E believes that a working relationship could be mental.

The RAW Superstar has previously stated his desire to work with his AEW counterparts:

“There’s so many people that I root for over there. I think competition is great for everyone all around, and I’m glad the fans are engaged. It’s not my thing. But people love pot stirring and it’s interesting, the idea of – I don’t know if it’s ever feasible but, you know, just like, is that forbidden door gonna be open here between us and them? Like, imagine that? That would be incredible. I think that would be really interesting.”

What do you think of Big E’s comments? Do you think the rise of AEW has forced WWE to step up their game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box!


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