WWE Royal Rumble

WWE and Triple H plannig major change to Royal Rumble 2023

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When the former CEO of WWE Vince McMahon decided to step down from the role back in July, WWE got a new regime. His daughter Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were installed as co-CEOs of the company. His son-in-law Triple H took complete charge of the company’s creativity.

The Game, since taking charge of the creative direction, has made some significant changes to the proceedings. First and foremost he has brought back some underutilized superstars and given them a second chance in the company. Secondly, he has been working on scrapping the theme-based pay-per-views like WWE Day 1 and Hell in a Cell as he feels those should not be forced into a certain storyline.

Now, according to the latest report from Xero News, the 14-time world champion is planning a change in the Royal Rumble premium live event. According to the report. WWE is thinking to extend the 30-men Royal Rumble to a 40-men Royal Rumble match. WWE has only increased the number of participants only twice in the last decade. WWE had its first-ever 40-men Royal Rumble in the year 2011. Alberto Del Rio emerged as the winner of the contest that year.

“Hearing 40 Person Rumble still under discussion If used will only be for Mens Still yet to be finalised If finalised will be announced first 2 weeks of Jan.”

The viewers and the wrestlers are all in agreement that Triple H has done a decent job since taking over WWE’s creative. Do you think the same? Sound off in the comments section below!


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