“WTF Is Going On Here Tony Khan” This Is Cringe

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Tony Khan has recruited some of the hottest free agents in wrestling and stolen some more from WWE who no longer wish to be there.   For wrestling fans, this is a dream come true.   Castagnoli is only the most recent signee to the promotion, and based on Khan’s embrace, is someone he has been looking to pick up.


Mantell recently took to Twitter to share an image of Khan embracing the new AEW star and even tagged former WWE Writer Vince Russo in the post.

“WTF@ is going on here? One thing you can say. You’d never see @VinceMcMahon in this pose!! I think even Caesaro himself is embarrassed. Damn Tony!@THEVinceRusso” – Mantell Tweeted.

This was not the first talent last at the media scrum to get the love from AEW’s CEO. The Rainmaker Okada was next through the forbidden door and look quite confused by this public display of affection from the Boss.



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