La Knight is Bray Wyatt's first opponent back in WWE

Working with Bray Wyatt is a unique challenge

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LA Knight is the first performer that Bray Wyatt is feuding with since his incredible return to WWE, and while it might seem a left-field choice to pair the two, the results have been intriguing, if nothing else. The former TNA world champion has now spoken about working with someone many believe is one of the most creative minds in wrestling.

When chatting with Ethan Absler of USA Insider, Knight gave insights into the creative process between him and Wyatt he said




“Working with Bray Wyatt is a unique challenge in the sense that you’ve got two diametrically opposed personalities. You have two very different approaches to what we do and in a strange way, it almost brings together a beautiful symphony so to speak, just because of the contrasting way we do things. At the same time, those contrasting pieces can mesh together into something that’s pretty creatively satisfying and so far so good.”

So far, the two have not met in a match, but things seemingly point to that happening soon enough, and it should help Knight take a huge step forward in his career on the main roster. Both are wildly contrasting characters and two of the best talkers in WWE, so that should lead to a memorable and entertaining feud.


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