William Regal

William Regal’s returning to WWE sooner than thought

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So there it is! William Regal has officially left AEW, meaning he is free for a return to WWE. This must be music to the ears of Triple H and the legions of fans who saw the Brit operate things as General Manager down in NXT.

William Regal and Triple H have been close for decades now

When news of Regal being done with AEW first came out, it was expected that he would return to WWE sooner enough. However, as PWInsider, the former King of the Ring is already finalizing a deal in Stanford and is expected to officially (re)start with the company in the new year.

However, for those hopeful, his role will be backstage, although he should make the occasional on-screen appearance, especially to make his now iconic WarGames announcements.

For anyone not aware, Regal apparently either had an out clause or had signed a short-term deal under Tony Khan despite saying he signed for three years. However, all that is moot now that the is done with AEW, having also been written off TV after being stretchered out past a brutal attack by new world champion MJF.


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