Jim Cornette says that William Regal's knowledge might prove to be a problem for AEW.

William Regal Said People were like scared to death

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Fit Finlay enjoys quite the reputation among his peers and the new generation of performers, and rightly so, for he is one of the most highly lauded wrestlers of his time. Someone who knows him really well is William Regal, who faced his fellow European colleague numerous times, most famously in WCW.

Finlay is more or less a WWE lifer today
Finlay was feared for being highly physical

During an appearance on a recent episode of the Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, William Regal revealed how nobody wanted to work with Fit Finlay when he joined WCW in 1996:

“When he came over in 1996, he came for three months the first time and the only person he wrestled was me. People were like scared to death and once they saw me and him do our stuff together, they just didn’t want to know … One punch and he broke my nose, shattered my eye socket, and gave me 12 stitches (per Wrestling Inc).”

It is not a surprise that wrestlers back then were wary of the likes of Finlay and Regal as they were knows for their hard-hitting and brutal style, but that fact that they are recognised for their work and contributions today speaks highly of their legacies.


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