Jim Cornette says that William Regal's knowledge might prove to be a problem for AEW.

William Regal has resumed work in WWE

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William Regal has started his work in WWE. As per Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, he assumed office for the company on Wednesday morning. However, it has not been revealed what his role exactly is, although Johnson had previously reported that he will take on a vice-president position.

Before his release in early 2022, Regal had worked as a trainer and scout for NXT as part of his profile as WWE director of talent development and head of global recruiting. He was pivotal in signing many stars who did great work for the black-and-gold brand.

Also, wanting to help help train his son, Charlie Dempsey, played a big part in his to return to WWE and his exit from AEW. Tony Khan even told reporters in December:

“Frankly, the last thing I wanted to do at that moment was prevent any parent and any child, any son, from being together as I was sitting on a park bench, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, where my mom was sleeping inside recovering from a major operation.”

Given Regal was pretty successful in his previous role as talent head, it makes sense that he will be handed a similar role this time around.

Is it good to see Sir William Regal back in the WWE?


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