Tony Schiavone interviewing William Regal

William Regal Destroyed All His Credability In Final AEW Segments

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William Regal is leaving AEW and returning to WWE to take over an EVP role but also its reported that he wants to work with his son Charlie Dempsey in NXT there.

Tony Schiavone interviewing William Regal
Tony Schiavone interviewing William Regal

In a recent interview, Regal defended his actions in the final plot assisting MJF defeat Jon Moxley to win the AEW World Heavyweight Title.

He then appeared in a backstage pre-recorded video interview, Regal claimed he was no longer needed by the BCC and that he was attempting to teach them one more lesson. This was done to make him unwatchable on television.



Speaking on his latest podcast Jim Cornette could not believe Regal let it go down this way.

“Even Regal was not up to making this make sense. He was like, ‘I realize the Blackpool Combat Club didn’t need me but I needed to show them why they didn’t need me,’ and at one point in there he destroyed every bit of credibility he had. He uttered the phrase ‘Wheeler Yuta can be the best wrestler in the world’ and immediately heads all over the globe exploded.”


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