William Regal responds to all the rumors about him.

William Regal addresses rumors about him

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William Regal addresses all the rumors and innuendo about him. Since Regal departed from AEW, much has been said credited to his name. Some statements included him instantly regretting joining AEW. Others said he had issues with management. Yet another rumor said he was mad that wrestlers weren’t availing themselves to him to learn about being a wrestler.

Well, William Regal seeks to put that to rest. This is what he tweeted, “There’s seems to be a lot of news about me getting spread around. There’s enough people who really know me (although they are few as trust is a big issue with me) who know the truth. Unless you hear it from me directly it is at best second-hand information. Unless you hear it directly from ME it is either wrong or someone’s interpretation of what is really going on. And that means EVERYTHING that is being said about me from every ‘source’. That goes for ANYONE SAYING they have spoken or know me. A still tongue keeps a wise head!”

Earlier this year, Regal was subject to another inaccurate report. Dave Meltzer reported that Regal had a major health issue, implying heavily that it was cancer, basing it on a promo that William Regal had cut. Regal came out and said the report was false and he was perfectly fine.

What do you think about what William Regal said?

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