The Young bucks will see their contract expire in a year, if they don't re-sign.

Will the Young Bucks stay in AEW?

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The Contract of the Young Bucks is set to expire in 2024, and Tony Khan wants to lock them down. It might seem logical that they would stay with AEW. However, Cody Rhodes left the company a year ago and returned to WWE. Therefore, the logic is, anything is possible.

This was an exchange between Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez regarding the contract of the Young Bucks.

Alvarez: “Well, the story was they were in the middle of negotiations or this and that. I would not say there is absolutely nothing to that, but they’re not really in negotiations right now.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, their contract is up at the end of the year [end of 2023], and AEW does want to lock them in.”

Alvarez: “It is acknowledged that at some point, they should be negotiating, but that’s literally where it’s at right now. It’s an acknowledgment that they should be negotiating at some point.”

Meltzer: “AEW contacted them and wants to start the negotiations, but there have been no negotiations as of today, and they’re certainly not close to a deal. They could very well sign. Right now that’s where it’s at.”

The Young Bucks are currently EVPs and are embroiled in a dispute over CM Punk. It’s been reported some wrestlers do not want CM Punk back in AEW. While the names aren’t reported, if they happened to be The Young Bucks… they could use their own contract negotiations to get their way with CM Punk.

One should not assume that EVPs will stay with the company just because they are EVPs. Cody Rhodes was an EVP. Will the Young Bucks re-sign?

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