A match between Will Ospreay and Seth Rollins would be awesome

Will Ospreay Regret Over Seth Rollins Spat

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Undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers on the planet, Will Ospreay has time and again wowed audiences with his in-ring work. However, there are also moments from his time in the limelight where he has made bad decisions and come to regret a few of them.

One of these regrets involves his Twitter spat with Seth Rollins, which started with the WWE superstar praising himself as the best in the world. Once Ospreay responded, with an “I’m alive” tweet, things soon spiraled out of control.

However, all these years later, the Brit is certainly ashamed of his conduct and regularly talks of the feud being a mistake he has learned from.

Speaking to Renee Paquette during a recent The Sessions podcast, the former IWGP US Champion noted that he is dyslexic and didn’t understand what he was typing until he sent it out.

“I’ve actually done a lot of soul searching with this because I feel like I was an absolute [beep] when it comes to this thing. I feel like I don’t think about what I write it’s because right I’m dyslexic as f**k. I don’t really understand it like I’m being on the Spectrum for [beep] autism and I’ve got mad ADHD. So, I don’t think about it actually, I just do it and then like I feel like I’ve used it as a diary for so long and like I’ve not realizing that I’m tweeting to like hundreds of thousands. I’ll be honest with you I feel like I’ve let myself down and I’ve let down anyone that’s ever wanted to be like a firm support. I’m trying my best to like really not just go back on it but just like try and really mend fences.”

It is nice to see Ospreay be open about something he considers a mistake and look to learn from the same and the fact that he and Rollins have become mutually respectful of each other since their online exchange shows the growth both have made over the last few years.


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