Will Ospreay has high praise for Triple H and how he's running WWE.

Will Ospreay on Triple H & his WWE

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Will Ospreay took the chance to speak about what he thinks in regards to Triple H. Will is set to defend his IWGP US title against Kenny Omega at WrestleKindom 17.

This is what Will Ospreay said about Triple H allowing Karl Anderson to compete at WrestleKingdom. “”I’m shocked at it. But in the same sense, now that Triple H is running the ship, it’s got to be said, I think Triple H is a G. I think he’s such a gangster. I’ve always liked him. He’s a cool dude. He clearly watches what goes on outside of his bubble, which is amazing, the fact that he’s allowed Karl to have this dual deal is cool.”

Will Ospreay continued, “It does make me wonder what doors could be open. I always want to know who is the best out of their crop. I always like testing myself and it would be very interesting if there was a way of making that door open. You never know.”

This might be seen by some as the start of a new Forbidden Door, but with WWE. They still have a working relationship with New Japan, as there is likely another Forbidden Door event to happen this summer. But what if New Japan develops a working relationship with both AEW and WWE? Certainly seems to be what Will Ospreay is hinting at.

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