Big E Langston might be returning soon, but the final decision will be made in March.

Will Big E return to wrestling?

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Big E Langston talked about when and if he’ll return the ring and unfortunately, if is still the question. Langston broke his neck last march in a bad suplex given to him by Ridge Holland on an episode of SmackDown. Langston has been out ever since.

This is what Big E had to say on his potential return, with the show “These Urban Times.”

“I have to get some more scans at the one-year mark in March, and then we’ll see how everything’s looking, but we’ll see from there.

Yeah, yeah [excited to return], my C1 is broken in two spots, so I obviously would be very smart about that. I was very fortunate, so I just want to make sure I’m making the best decision for myself, so we’ll see in March.”

Big E, is a former WWE World Champion. One has to belief that should he return, he might once again be a contender for the main event scene. New Day most recently won the tag titles on NXT, but this is after a year of misfortune that included Big E’s injury.

We certainly do hope he returns. However, we also hope he makes the right decision, whatever that is. No one wants to see him completely disable. We’ve had enough of that in pro wrestling. Either way, wishing the best for Big E Langston.

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