Why was Tony Nese released from WWE?

Why was Tony Nese released from WWE?

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Tony Nese was recently signed by AEW after his impressive performances on Dark
Tony Nese was recently signed by AEW after his impressive performances on Dark

After the recent episode of AEW Rampage, fans are praising Tony Nese.

The former WWE superstar looked solid in his promo, and fans can’t wait to see him in action against TNT Champion Sammy Guevara.

Tony Nese was recently signed by AEW being released from his WWE contract. Why was Tony Nese released from WWE?

Well, Tony Nese was released by WWE to balance their financial books.

Vince McMahon and Co. have released multiple superstars in the past year, stating the reason to be budget cuts. Tony signed for WWE in 2016 after a successful stint on the independent circuit. Nese never made it as big in WWE. The 36-year old’s highest achievement was winning the Cruiserweight Championship in the preshow of Wrestlemania 35.

It looks like Tony Nese confirmed his own release from WWE. He’ll be fine wherever he goes. https://t.co/X5FkPft5RK

After his release from WWE, Tony Nese spoke to Wrestling Perspective Podcast about his situation and said releasing him would end up being a huge mistake in the long run. However, Nese said he won’t be complaining about what happened to him because it’s part of the business he’s in:

“It wasn’t a creative thing like, ‘we have nothing for you.’ It was straight up, like, what you hear on the internet, it was budget cuts. The company is obviously trimming some fat and whatever their plan is, unfortunately, business is business and I was on the shit end of that stick. When it comes to 205 Live and being on the show, the writing was on the wall with that, but my relationship with pretty much everyone, and my work ethic, and things people would tell me, that’s where I was kinda blindsided. I think it was business-related. Business is business and I can’t complain. In the long run, it’ll be their mistake.”

Tony Nese will make his AEW TV debut on the upcoming episode of Rampage

During this week’s AEW Rampage, Tony Nese and Sammy Guevara had a heated confrontation. The segment paved the way for their bout scheduled for next week’s Rampage. The match will be Nese’s AEW TV debut.

Premier Athlete @TonyNese has been scouting @sammyguevara from the stands and challenges the Spanish God for the TNT Championship before going after Guevara’s injured ribs. Watch #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama! https://t.co/ApKSFxD9hY

Since signing a long-term deal with AEW, Nese has appeared for four Dark matches. The former Cruiserweight Champion has won them all. Fans will eagerly be waiting to see Nese perform against Sammy Guevara with the TNT title on the line.

Will Tony Nese win the TNT Championship on his AEW TV debut? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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