Matt Riddle may have failed a drug test, according to

Matt Riddle Fails Drug Test Enters Rehab

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Tumblr has revealed the real reason why Matt Riddle was written off of Monday Night. He has failed drug tests. Below is the report from Bodyslam. 

“Sources have told me that the reason for pushing back the match was because Matt Riddle failed a drug test leading up to SummerSlam, this was also the last test under Vince McMahon’s regime. With Vince no longer in charge, a “new creative direction” was taken regarding Riddle, and his big match against Rollins was postponed until Clash at the Castle. Additionally, I was told that the company informed Riddle at the time that another failed drug test would result in a “rehab or fired” situation similar to what happened with Jeff Hardy previously.

This leads us to Matt Riddle’s most recent “six week” television write off. I was able to confirm that the reason that WWE wrote Riddle of TV is because he has failed another drug test and will be sent to rehab. The belief going around is that he has already entered treatment, or will be going in soon as most programs run for 30 days and he would need to be finished in time for his return in six weeks.” 

We here at Dirtsheets hopes that he can recover from this addiction that was mentioned and has success with rehab.


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