WWE Chyna

Why did Vince McMahon and WWE release Chyna?

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Chyna, despite being a female, was one of the most dominant wrestlers in WWE. Her pairing with Triple H and D-Generation X was a treat to watch.

On his podcast Grilling JR, former WWE commentator Jim Ross discussed the topic of Chyna’s departure from the company. Ross revealed that Chyna had demanded a million dollars a year as she felt that she was doing a lot more than the other women’s division wrestlers were doing.

“She wanted a million dollars guarantee because she felt like she was worth more being a female, being more unique, than Stone Cold, some of the other guys. There was only a handful of guys making a million dollars per year.

Further, on the podcast, Jim Ross mentioned that Vince McMahon did not agree to pay her that amount of money which led to her release from the company.

I said, ‘Vince, if I can’t get a decent number, we may have to pass on it. He said, ‘Well, that’s your call.’ I couldn’t give her a million dollars a year. Could she have earned over a million dollars per year? She probably did a couple of times, if I remember correctly, but that guarantee was just too big.”

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