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Why did Dragon Lee chose WWE over AEW?

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Lucha Libre superstar Dragon Lee revealed that he has signed a contract with WWE after he and his brother Dralistico defeated FTR for the AAA Championships on Wednesday. He also spoke to ESPN about his new journey and expressed his desire to become the next Rey Mysterio in WWE.

Speaking in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, wrestling veteran Dave Meltzer reported that AEW had also presented an offer to the 27-year-old. But the report suggests that Lee opted to sign for WWE because they were paying him above the standard NXT-level money.



“AEW had also made an offer to Lee. One friend of his told us that Lee had come to him looking for advice, likely from him and others, on which offer to take. From a money standpoint, it was obviously more than Mexico but we were told the WWE offer was above the standard NXT-level money, but not main roster money. WWE contracts have a confidentiality clause in that the talent and their representatives are not allowed to reveal the dollar amount. If he was to get called up to the main roster, the general rule is a new contract is signed and the bottom number for the main roster is $250,000 per year.”

The report further mentioned that Lee is on his way to become the highest-paid NXT superstar as Mandy Rose, the former NXT Champion, is no longer there in WWE.

“The belief is that he would be the highest-paid NXT wrestler now that Mandy Rose is no longer working with the brand. It’s a three-year deal and does call for pay increases with each year, but the hope and certainly the feeling he was given is he would have a main roster contract and be brought up in 2024.”

What will Dragon Lee bring to the WWE?


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