Johnny Gargano news wrestles his first match on RAW

Where is Johnny Gargano? – News Update

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The wrestling world was left in awe when Johnny Gargano made his triumphant return to the ring on Monday Night Raw in August 2022 under the leadership of Triple H, continuing the ongoing era of WWE’s evolution.

Gargano, a former NXT Champion, had been absent from the business for almost 10 months after his contract expired in December 2021 with many speculating it had a lot to do with Vince Mcmahon’s constant medaling in NXT and creative. 

Despite his recent return to the NXT brand, Gargano had not been featured on WWE television, leading fans to speculate on his absence. However, sources from Fightful Select report that Gargano had re-aggravated a shoulder injury that kept him out of action for most of January.

Johnny Gargano on his return to WWE
Johnny Gargano on his return to WWE

Despite the injury, Gargano managed to defeat Grayson Waller at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2023, but was said to be in a tremendous amount of pain and could only use one arm. WWE officials are hopeful that physical therapy will remedy the issue, and that surgery won’t be necessary.

The news of Gargano’s injury has reassured fans that his absence from the ring is not related to any backstage politics or conflicts. His triumphant return under the Triple H era has once again proven that anything can happen in WWE, and fans are eagerly anticipating Gargano’s future matches and performances.

Gargano’s return to the ring has been met with great excitement and has furthered the ongoing evolution of WWE’s product under the leadership of Triple H. As the wrestling world continues to change and evolve, Gargano’s return has reminded fans that anything is possible in the world of WWE.

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