When will Miro return to AEW TV?

When will Miro come back to AEW?

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Miro has been largely absent from AEW for well over a year, except for a few random matches. He has not been involved in any major angles since he lost his TNT championship back in 2021. Perhaps he’ll be coming back soon.

This is what Miro had to say,

Spicy question. It’s not up to me. I’m doing everything I can and from then on, I’m just sitting and waiting for the opportunity.”




There isn’t a lot here to go on. However, it does sound like Miro does wish to return soon. The question is when… Perhaps Samoa Joe could lend some insight.

This is what Joe said on the Final Battle Media scrum.

“If you think you’re the guy that is going to come take this from me, show up, I’ll whoop your a–. It don’t ]matter if it’s Miro, Cody [Rhodes) can come back, bring anybody. If you want to come here and take my championship, you’re more than welcome to come. I don’t hunt people. I’m not out here chasing cats. They come chase me. The king sits on the throne, you come to me. That’s how this works and how it’s going to continue to work as long as I hold these championships.”

Perhaps Miro facing Samoa Joe for the TNT title is in the cards. It’s hard to say. Only time will tell if he ever returns to AEW.

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