Wheeler Yuta, the new ROH Pure Champion.

Wheeler Yuta Needs A Name Change

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Booker T took to the Hall of Fame podcast to discuss Wheeler Yuta, and whether or not he believes Wheeler Yuta has a “Championship Name.”

“I’m thinking about guys from an overall perspective, and the one thing I’m thinking about [is] ‘champion.’ I’m thinking about this kid who’s like, ‘I’ve got to be champion.’ And the first thing I think about is, does Wheeler sound like a championship name? You know, that’s the first thing that jumps out to me. ‘The AEW Champion, Wheeler Yuta!’ He’s putting himself behind the 8-ball immediately.”

Booker compared him to another talent from TNA:

“There’s a guy back in the day … A guy that had an abundance of talent back in the TNA days, and he went by the name of Elix Skipper, and I said, ‘Man, that’s just not a championship name. If the brother just changed his name, he might be looked at a little bit differently.”

Wheeler Yuta, the new ROH Pure Champion.
Wheeler Yuta, the new ROH Pure Champion.

Wheeler Yuta Wins Gold

Blackpool Combat Club member became a two-time ROH Pure Champion after defeating Daniel Garcia. Yuta is the first to be a two-time Pure Champion. His first title stint was between January 4 to September 9 and he defended the title against Tony Nese and former ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods.

Before losing tonight, Garcia had been the champion since defeating Yuta on the September 9 edition of “AEW Dynamite.” While champion, Garica defended his title against the likes of Brock Anderson and Leon Ruff.


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