Wheeler Yuta, the new ROH Pure Champion.

Wheeler Yuta is the new PURE ROH Champion

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Wheeler Yuta has won the Ring of Honor PURE Championship, defeating Daniel Garcia. It’s been a long time coming for Wheeler this year, as he started as part of Blackpool Combat Club. He’s become a building star and many people believed that he would be pushed for a title in AEW.

He originally lost the title at an episode of Dynamite earlier this year, and some might have wondered if he would ever get it back. The answer was yes. Wheeler Yuta reclaimed his title, becoming the only 2 Time Ring of Honor PURE Champion. His first victory was back at Supercard of Honor XV

Daniel Garcia reigned for 95 days, in an angle that was building between the two of them that impacted the story of BCC. However, with Yuta as the champion, the question is, will the feud continue? Perhaps Yuta will face new foes?

Congratulations to Wheeler Yuta! 

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