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What is Vince McMahon doing at WWE headquarters?

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Vince McMahon announced his retirement as the chairman of WWE last year in July. The decision came amidst the then ongoing hush money charges against him and the investigations regarding the same.

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However, a few days back, the 77-year-old expressed his desire to get back into the business as he believed that his decision was influenced by “bad advice.” He did make a return to the company recently which took a lot of people in shock. Following his return, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who was made the co-CEO of the company in his absence, decided to quit WWE

Upon returning to WWE Vince McMahon made his intentions clear that he was back to pursue a sale of the global juggernaut. Now a report from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer states that Vince McMahon is currently only focused on the sale and not attending any creative meetings.

His role is a lot different from what he used to do earlier. The reports also suggest that Vince doesn’t stay in the office until late at night like before as his duties are lessened. He goes back home at a normal time.

Dave Melzer on The Vince McMahon Situation

“As for Vince McMahon, there is a difference in him at the office between the Vince of before and this Vince. He is generally working on the sale, and hasn’t been to any television shoots yet nor at any creative meetings.

It was noted to us that the Vince who was at the office all night and sometimes into the early morning is not the case at this point as he leaves work now at a normal time since his duties are lessened, most notably the long creative meetings.

But even on nights without long creative meetings the old Vince would be in the office until late at night.”

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