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What is the camaraderie like in the AEW locker room?

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On a recent episode of his new podcast, FTR With Dax Harwood, the AEW star discussed the AEW locker room and more. Here are the highlights:

The camaraderie in the AEW locker room: 

“The boys have a male locker room, and the people who share that male locker room share a bond and kinship. Every single Wednesday, I think you could ask anybody, every single Wednesday, myself or Cash, we bring a bottle of tequila and we have drinks with the guys just to make that camaraderie even stronger. I don’t think there’s any political games as far as that goes.”

Looking out for your best interests: 

“When you’re in a position of power; even when you’re not in a position of power, you’re going to look out for your best interests. No one else is going to look for your interests the way you are. But when you’re in a position of power, you’re allowed to look out for your best interests, and more often than not, you’re allowed to get it. Again, playing politics… I don’t know if that’s what you call it. There’s going to be competition.”


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