"What a burn" - Jim Cornette on CM Punk namedropping former WWE Champion on AEW Dynamite

“What a burn” – Jim Cornette on CM Punk namedropping former WWE Champion on AEW Dynamite

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Jim Cornette recently shared his honest thoughts on CM Punk namedropping The Miz on last week’s AEW Dynamite.

On the Wednesday night show, The Straight Edge Superstar and MJF engaged in a lengthy promo battle. The two stars traded several brutal barbs, and in the process, even namedropped several WWE Superstars.

“He’s just a less famous Miz.” – CM Punk to MJF 😨


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The one line that elicited the loudest response from the Chicago crowd was when Punk termed the Pinnacle leader “a less famous Miz.” Speaking on the latest edition of his podcast, Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette lavished praise at the segment on Dynamite.

He reserved particular praise for CM Punk namedropping the former WWE Champion. Furthermore, Cornette added that the exchange between MJF and Punk seemed “spontaneous” and not heavily scripted.

“Then just for Punk going to get a microphone, and when someone handed him a microphone, people popped on that. Punk then hit him with a less famous Miz line. Oh my, what a burn! And it was like, obviously both these guys, you could see a mile away that nobody had written this down or even they had it written it down in practice. It seemed off-the-cuff spontaneous, two guys trying to blister each other as best as they could and keep up their respective reputations,” said Jim Cornette.

Mark Henry also had major praise for the MJF-CM Punk segment from AEW Dynamite

Not just Cornette, but WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was also a big fan of the segment. He went as far as to claim that fans might never see a war of words like the one CM Punk and MJF presented on Dynamite. Henry termed it one of the most “special” moments in wrestling history.

“There will never be another promo like that one. That was a special moment we’ll never see again. Our kids may see one, but that was one of the most special wrestling moments in history,” said Mark Henry.

With their rivalry just beginning to take shape, fans can expect The Straight Edge Superstar and The Salt of the Earth to engage in more promo wars in the coming weeks on AEW’s programming.

Do you agree with Jim Cornette’s assessment of CM Punk and MJF’s segment from Dynamite? Sound off in the comments section below.



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