"We'd be divorced the next day"- Former WWE writer comments on recent flaming table angle with Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite (Exclusive)

“We’d be divorced the next day”- Former WWE writer comments on recent flaming table angle with Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite (Exclusive)

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Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on Brandi Rhodes helping to execute a flaming table spot during Cody Rhodes‘ match with Andrade on AEW Dynamite this week.

While fans have witnessed some of the most ferocious matches in AEW history, what Andrade and Rhodes pulled off during their Atlanta street fight involved barbarity at its peak.

During the closing moments, Brandi stunningly showed up to set the table on fire while her husband had the Mexican star set up for a reverse suplex from the top rope. As it turns out, The American Nightmare delivered the said maneuver, thus landing crashing his back into a flaming table to win the bout.

The angle sparked a mixed response from wrestling fans and veterans.

Speaking with Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo, in an amusing bit, stated that if his wife had done something similar to Brandi Rhodes, they would have divorced the very next day:

“I’m just curious if I was involved in that match, and my wife came down and ordered me to put myself through a flame, we’d be divorced the next day,” Vince Russo said.

Is this go away heat? SO self aware…🔥😘 https://t.co/fhFoUmPvJb

Several notable question marks were left hanging following the flaming table spot. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW’s Cody Rhodes himself pitched the idea of implementing a gruesome spot to create a new memory in front of his home crowd.

Regardless of how scary it turned out, fans would be glad to know that AEW’s Rhodes and Andrade were doing fine after their encounter.

You can check out the entire interview below:

Ricky Morton recently suggested advice for AEW’s Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes isnt going to turn heel is he??


When he said he would never turn I thought “Oh boy, Cody is working this angle hard”, but I dont think he was acting.

I wanted to see heel Cody so bad…Plus the MF’r is getting booed.

😭😭😭 https://t.co/GqxwJqJu6i

Legendary Ricky Morton recently suggested AEW star Cody Rhodes should take some time off to deal with the aggressive reactions from fans.

The former The Rock N’ Roll Express member even said if he were to work backstage, he would have easily made Rhodes either the hottest heel or babyface in the country:

“Cody [Rhodes] needs to take off a couple of months. If I was back there, in three weeks I’d have Cody Rhodes the hottest babyface in the country, or I could have him the hottest heel in the country.”

Over the past year, the 36-year old star has become a polarizing figure, and fans have seemingly grown tired of his character. It will be interesting to see whether or not AEW decides to turn him heel, especially after what Brandi pulled off on Wednesday night.

What do you make of Vince Russo’s statement? Sound off in the comments section below.


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