Bobby Fish worked for AEW for just a couple months shy of a year WWE

Bobby Fish We got better with each one

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Bobby Fish was part of the NXT roster when WWE decided to bring back the WarGames concept for its much-acclaimed pay-per-view events. As part of the Undisputed Era, he was part of the first group of performers who got to experience this generation’s version of the much-acclaimed gimmick match.

During a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, Bobby Fish discussed a range of topics, including his experience with the WarGames bout. The former AEW and NXT star explained how the match has changed from its original format in the late 1980s, saying:

“There was a lot more organic feel to those matches, good and bad. So, I think that’s the biggest difference between the two, is you really see that the business is just handled in a different way now as opposed to what it was then. But, I think they all have their own pros and cons.”

Fish added that he and his UE buddies were the first to be part of this match among modern wrestlers:

“We were the first coming back for this generation and with NXT, and none of us really knew what the fuck we were doing on that first one. But, I felt like we got something halfway decent and we got better with each one, and each one had a little bit more story to it.”

He signed off by admitting that there was a learning process ahead of their first time participating in the WarGames bout:

“I feel like we had an opportunity to learn from mistakes, get better at it, plan better things, be a little bit more strategic without losing the organic feel of classic pro wrestling.”

Has Bobby Fish ruined his career by failing to stay with a promotion like AEW and is now gone from WWE??


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