"We gave our advice and tried to put him over" – WWE Hall of Famer recalls the early days of The Rock

“We gave our advice and tried to put him over” – WWE Hall of Famer recalls the early days of The Rock

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WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather recently spoke about working with The Rock.

The Godfather was on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump with Kayla Braxton, Matt Camp, and Ryan Pappolla. The Godfather recalled his time in The Nation of Domination and how the faction became a launching pad for The Rock’s WWE career.

The Godfather mentioned that Ron Simmons took on the role of mentor when The Rock joined The Nation of Domination. The Godfather said that they all shared their advice with The Rock and did their best to put him over:

“Ron was the person that mentored everybody. We helped him as much as we could. We gave our advice and tried to put him over as much as we could. But he’s a good dude. I mean, he’s a really good dude. If success is going to happen to somebody like that, it couldn’t happen to a better dude.”

What did “Kama” stand for?

Did The Godfather almost join The #nWo?

Well… now you know.

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The Godfather enjoyed his time working with The Rock

The Godfather said he enjoyed his time in The Nation of Domination, especially when The Rock was beginning to gain top superstar status in WWE. He mentioned that once they started working the main event angles, they were paid more and having fun at the same time:

“Just to be involved in that because you’re in main event stuff. You’re making more money and you’re having more fun and more people are watching you. And you know what’s cool, out of that group, most of us went on and developed our own little characters and personalities.”

No matter the era, @TheRock always looks cool with a championship.

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The Nation of Domination disbanded in 1998 after The Rock became a crowd favorite, started a solo run, and went on to feud with the likes of Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Godfather also moved on and created a new gimmick where he’d come down to the ring with several beautiful women.


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