WATCH: AEW's Matt Hardy meets former WWE superstar backstage

WATCH: AEW’s Matt Hardy meets former WWE superstar backstage

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AEW star Matt Hardy was recently seen with his former WWE partner Shannon Moore. Hardy tweeted a video from WrestleCade backstage saying:

“I was approached by a REMARKABLE MFer from my past.”

Whilst getting ready for my battle with the DESPICABLE #nZo at @WrestleCade, I was approached by a REMARKABLE MFer from my past. @real1 @TheShannonBrand

In the video, Matt Hardy was seen in his “Broken” character. Shannon Moore offered him a cup of coffee and introduced himself as an “MFer”. Hardy was offended by the “MFer” statement. He didn’t seem to recognize Shannon Moore in this incarnation. He recognized Moore after being reminded of his Version 1 days.

Hardy was facing nZo at the event. He asked Moore to have his back during the match, to which Moore agreed. Hardy finally took a sip from the coffee and immediately spit it out. Later that night, Matt was victorious against nZo.

Shannon Moore appeared in WWE as Matt Hardy’s follower. Matt was playing the lifestyle guru Version 1.0. He was preaching the “Mattitude” philosophy. His followers were known as Mattitude Followers or Mfer for short. Shannon Moore was his onscreen MFer at the time. He started dressing up like Hardy and interfered in matches on his behalf. The duo also unsuccessfully challenged Los Guerreros for the WWE Tag Team Championship once.

Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy are longtime friends. Moore was trained by the Hardy brothers. He frequently appeared for OMEGA, an independent wrestling company operated by the Hardy Boyz. He also held the light-heavyweight belt for promotion on two different occasions.

Many AEW stars also appeared on WrestleCade

Buddy Matthews (Murphy) & Malakai Black absolutely tearing the house down at #Wrestlecade

It has been reported that AEW’s Malakai Black was in the main event against former WWE superstar Buddy Murphy. The event took place at Benton Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on November 27. Jay Lethal, Thunder Rosa, Brock Anderson, FTR, and Gunn Club were also featured on the card. AEW legends Sting, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Mark Henry made special appearances.

Do you remember Matt Hardy’s partnership with Shannon Moore in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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