Did WWE make a mistake, by releasing Jeff Jarrett?

Was WWE releasing Jeff Jarrett a mistake?

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Was releasing Jeff Jarrett from WWE a mistake? Was it Triple H’s first mistake? Let’s consider it.

Jeff Jarrett’s final period on WWE, witnessed him oversee the development of WWE’s live event program. Some say, he helped plan it. He was up close and personal with Vince and how WWE was run as a company. What’s more, he has incredible experience of running wrestling promotions as head of TNA, and later Global Force Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett is loaded to the brim with experience, and when Triple H released him. That experience became available to the highest bidder. That bidder was Tony Khan. Some, including some in WWE, probably expected that if Jarrett ended up working for AEW, he’d been an on-screen-only character. Such as the way that William Regal was handled.

When Jeff Jarrett came to AEW, he did feature as an on-screen character. However, that might have been a red herring for observers in the industry. His real place now is working with Tony Khan to establish AEW’s live event strategy and general event planning, going forward. With Jarrett’s experience in various promotions, most of whom were southern-based, Jeff knows very well what markets might be the best place to feature AEW programming.

It’s worth asking again. Did Triple H & WWE make a mistake in releasing Jeff Jarrett in August of last year? Looking that the known facts, including Jarrett’s recent announcement of the 2023 live event planning & international tour, it seems possible. WWE may have strengthened the hand of it’s competition. They might be distracted right now with events inside the company, however… 

Whatever company purchases WWE, will potentially be faced with a better equipped and organized AEW. All, because someone decided to release Jeff Jarrett.

What do you think?

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