Vince Russo wants Austin Theory to call out Triple H

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It is a known fact that Austin Theory has stated his desire for a dream feud with the Game Triple H. But the major issue regarding the same is Triple H’s health condition, due to which he was forced to announce his retirement from in-ring action last year.


However, speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo highlighted how WWE should go about booking a feud between Theory and Triple H. He pitched an idea for Theory to destroy X-Pac in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match later this month and then call out Triple H to boast about the assault on the latter’s best friend.

“Bro, you can add even another level to that. Let Theory not only eliminate him but let Theory get big time. Like they are stretching him out the whole nine yards and then have Theory cut a promo on Hunter. ‘I made it personal, bro. That’s your little buddy, that’s your little Gilligan because you know why? Because you made it personal with me.”

Russo further went on to say that Theory could also speak about Triple H being jealous of the former’s partnership with Mcmahon and wanting to erase the latter’s name from WWE.

“You couldn’t stand the fact that I was the shining light to your father-in-law and wanted to do everything to wipe Vince’s name. So, you took it out on me. Well, guess what bro? Your buddies laying in a hospital.’ Go there, bro!”

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