Vince Russo on Edge and Randy Orton

Vince Russo explains what Randy Orton and Edge should do post-retirement

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Vince Russo the former WWE head writer is of the opinion that both Randy Orton and edge should opt for backstage roles post-retirement.

Randy and edge are two of the most experienced wrestlers in the industry right now. They are out of the very few left from their generation and have enjoyed very successful careers in the global juggernaut. Both Randy Orton and Edge are currently out of action with Randy’s return looking more uncertain. He was seen in a surgery bed a few days ago which indicates that his injury might be quite serious.

As far as Edge is concerned, he was brutally beaten up by Seth Rollins on a September episode of RAW and was stretchered out of the arena. Since then he has not been featured on WWE programming. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo explained that Randy Orton need not force a comeback if he is not 100 percent fit.  He opined that Orton is capable of helping the company in many other capabilities.

“Can you imagine, seriously? Orton and Angle as the two agents. That’s it. Get rid of everyone. Listen, we call them good little hands. Bro, you’re not a 220-hitter in baseball and then become a hitting coach. No, you batted 220; you’re gonna tell other people how to hit? You’re a good little hand. We don’t need more good little hands. We need stars,” said Vince Russo.

Russo also said that Edge would be a good bet for WWE to provide a backstage role. along with Orton and Kurt Angle.

“Bro, throw Edge in that mix. They need that, perhaps; I wouldn’t say they need more than creative, I’d say creative is worse off, but that is a start right there.”

For those who are unaware, Edge and Randy Orton were former tag team partners and their duo was named Rated RKO.


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