Vince Russo Bobby Lashley

Vince Russo criticizes the WWE’s booking of Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley is one of the most destructive superstars on the current WWE roster. He recently faced the Visionary Seth Rollins in a match for a shot at Austin Theory’s United States Championship. The match had a controversial end as the referee suffered an injury during the match and was slow to count on a Lashley pin which ultimately ended with Seth Rollins emerging victorious in the match.

Lashley went berserk after the match and attacked a few WWE officials. Adam Pearce came out to stop him but he also got a push from the All Mighty which provoked him to fire the former world champion. However, Pearce reinstated him the next day, and that marked the end of the storyline.

On the latest Legion of RAW, former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo stated that WWE wasted a good angle by reinstating Bobby Lashley. He opined that it made no sense to fire him if the plan was to bring Bobby back so quickly.

“I cracked up today because one of the last things, they said on RAW tonight was Bobby Lashley has been reinstated. Bro, no reason. So I’m like, ‘Why did we go through that whole thing for him to be reinstated?’ Like really, bro?”

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