Vince Russo blasts Triple H for crossing lanes

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Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Vince Russo, the former WWE head writer, who was not happy with Triple H’s booking of Bobby Lashley, opined that people should stick to what they are good at.

Triple H took charge of WWE’s creative after former chairman Vince McMahon announced his retirement in July 2022. Though many have praised the Game for his work since taking over, Vince Russo has a different opinion.

“I’m a big advocate of staying in your lane. You know what you do best. You know what your strengths are, you know what your weaknesses are. If everyone stayed in their lane, you’d have a very successful company. But what you have is people crossing over lanes because more hats, more positions means more money means more power. Bro, we are all not good at everything, bro,” said Vince Russo.

He also came up with an interesting comparison between his failed run as WCW Champion and Triple H’s run as Chief Content Officer in WWE.

“Bro, I got drilled through a cage and was the heavyweight champion for 24 hours. Bro, do you think, realistically, I could have been a heavyweight champion? That is the equivalent of Triple writing the show. That is the equivalent of it, bro. And that’s my problem. If guys just stayed in your lane and did what you were good at and found the right people for the other jobs, bro,” added Vince Russo

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