Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Was In ‘Gorilla Position’ All Night During Raw

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Vince McMahon made a comeback backstage at Monday night RAW in Boston, Massachusetts, as was reported on Monday. He had a mustache as well.


Although it was stated that McMahon was primarily there to visit John Cena, it was the first time since July 2022 that he appeared backstage at a WWE event. Many fans are now speculating as to whether he would be returning to more WWE events in the future.

Vince McMahon

Dave Meltzer was quick to report on the Observer Radio show stating –

“He was in Gorilla all night, so what does that tell you?

“He wasn’t barking orders at people or anything like that, but he was in Gorilla all night and I was told they tell you he’s only there to visit John Cena, that’s the story, but there’s more to it than that.

“He’s doing more than they’re letting on, but the person who was in control was Levesque (Triple H).

“It’s not like he was there in charge and doing stuff, but it’s not like he was just visiting John Cena and saying hi to a few people and then left. That didn’t happen either.

“The truth is a little bit in the middle.”

Insider source @WrestleVotes reports on Twitter that McMahon being in Gorilla had not impact on the script for Monday’s RAW:

“While Vince McMahon was in gorilla the entire show, and said to be in a pleasant mood, I’m told his presence backstage didn’t impact anything ‘script wise’ last night.”



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