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Vince McMahon to face legal action for forcing WWE return

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Vince McMahon has effectively held WWE at gunpoint to ensure the returns to the board and takes over the company once again. However, if he thought things would go smoothly, he may just have been wrong.

Vince retired as WWE Chairman in July 2022 after multiple allegations surfaced against him. These charges included accusations of $12 million in hush money paid to cover up sexual assault events.

WWE sold to the Saudi Arabian Investment Fun.
WWE has been sold to the Saudi Arabian Investment Fund, as per reports

However, it looks like he was just biding his time before making a shocking return to the company earlier this month to join the Board of Directors. This also raised questions of whether he came back to take possession of creative again or just to help with a sale of the organization.

It now seems that his return will not be as smooth as he anticipated, as there is already pressure on the former Chairman for “breach of a fiduciary lawsuit”. A Pro Wrestling Insider report has stated that the Scott and Scott law firm that filed a shareholder derivative suit in June 2021 ‘hope to file a complaint against McMahon and possibly other directors/officers’:

“We believe there is enough of a basis to bring a breach of a fiduciary lawsuit. We hope to file a complaint against McMahon and possibly other directors/officers for breaching their duties to WWE and its shareholders. We should have a draft for you to review in the next couple of days.”

Things have taken a drastic turn in WWE since Vince McMahon return, with reports that the company has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and that its Board of Directors unanimously elected him as Executive Chairman of the Board. It remains to be seen if the promotion comes out with a statement now that Stephanie McMahon has resigned from her roles as Chairwoman and Co-CEO, leaving Nick Khan to serve as WWE CEO.


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